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The Artist Harvest was conceived of by Donna Bernstein, a business owner, mother, and artist who wanted to find a way to marry public art with a love of healthy eating. Thus the sculpture project was born! The Artist Harvest consists of five large-scale fruit and veggie sculptures, each featuring our interpretation of a famous painting, and named according to the artist. This undertaking has been over a year in the making, and required the skills of all the artists on hand at The Messy Artist, along with their very artistic students.

Art is a visual way to communicate. Sometimes it can create a connection with a viewer, even more powerful than words. We hope that the art we’ve created causes you to admire its beauty, giggle at its whimsy, and trigger a desire to incorporate tastier, healthier options into your family’s lifestyle. We hope you appreciate how much effort went into creating these, both by talented artists, and their young artists-in-training. We hope you are inspired!


Jessica Vicendese
Viviana Maciel
Anthony Castellano

Luisa Henao
Alexis Barckley
Danielle Davis

Brittani Pallone
Nicole Zarillo
Julianna Salus
Ashton Moraski
Donna Bernstein
Adrianna Greco
Amy Dagistino
Michelle Schwartzbard
Fran Saliani
Rose Cawley
Alexandria Strata

Adison Becker
Ahriel Dhanoa
AJ Chriss
Alaina Hsieh
Alexa Zweiback
Alexis Cohen
Alexis Rubinstein
Amelia Leonard
Ander Berman
Andrew Rubinstein
Angelina Paradiso
Ania Dymnicki
Anuvaa Shah
Ava Green
Ava Patanella
Ava Petrecca
Ava Russo
Ben Lubetsky
Ben Nikpour
Ben Silversten
Betty Spinrad
Bhavana Chembilli
Carly Polow

Charley Albert
Charlotte Malia
Chenelle Piercy
CJ Brennan
Cole Green
Colleen Bryan
Conor Naughton
Derek Chuang
Dylan Schatell
Eliana Finkel
Ellie Kaplan
Emilia Oginski
Emily Axelrod
Emily Moul
Emma Patanella
Eric Wong
Ethan Chan
Ethan Zhang
Francesca Dale
Giulianna Graziano
Gregory Bruno
Harrie Chang
Isabella Pecora

Jack Berman
Jackie Durso
Jacob Li
Jake Mandala
Jenna Weisbach
Jennifer Nam
Joelle Sonet
Jolie Zaccaria
Jordana Goldstein
Justin Miller
Kayla Felner
Kayla Soloninkin
Laila Carlton
Lilly Steiner
Lulu Rosenthal
Maddie Woodlee
Madeleine Oswald
Matilda Han
Matthew Luisi
Matthew Russo
Matty Provus
Maya Vinu
Meghan Liang
Michael Catanzarite

Michael Finguerra
Myra Anand
Nicole Amato
Rebecca May
Riley Friedman
Ryan Nam
Ryan Stecklow
Ryan Tepper
Sadie Dagistino
Sadie Glassman
Samantha Brooks
Samantha Petrecca
Sammie Tanelli
Sarah Formoso
Sarah Marcus
Sarah Rossi
Sophia Duarte
Spencer Levine
Sydney Grebow
Tanvi Daita
Tarini Daita
Taylor Dannis
Xander Campbell-Singer


A big, warm thank you goes to Stacey Rubinstein and Alan Karpas for connecting our project to the public.
We also thank architect and friend, Tom Singer for helping us mount our sculptures.
Of course, we must express our gratitude to The Township of Livingston, and its Department of Public Works.
Lastly, thank you Gamma Psi Epsilon Fraternity for volunteering your time in the early stages of our work.




pearcasso at town hall

Donna and viv with pepper at comm ctr

strawbery and munchroom at library 2

banana in front of town hall