Birthday Party Activity Information


what party guest doesn't like stringing beads? we'll provide a wide array of different size, texture, and color beads along with contrasting black pipe cleaners for your guests to create almost anything. beaded pipe cleaners can turn into jewelry, hair accessories, shoelace decorations, keychains, animal creatures, or art sculptures.

Birthday Book:

the birthday book is a great keepsake for the birthday child and their family. party guests and family members can draw their own pictures or color in our fun pre-designed pages. they can even write heartfelt messages too! at the end of the party, our staff will put it together for the birthday child to take home, and hopefully keep as a wonderful memory of their birthday party.

Color Burst Canvas:

guests will personalize their canvasboard with awesome designs in permanent marker. afterward, the fun process of adding color to their canvas begins. they'll use water and tissue paper to add bursts of color to their creations. but shh... the secret to why it works is ours!

Confetti Paper Box:

our confetti paper sensory box is a blast! we shred brightly colored paper and fill our blue sandbox to the brim with this fun stuff! kids can take off their shoes and get right in on the fun! they enjoy hiding in the paper, tossing it around, making silly hats with it, and the sound it makes is reminiscent of rustling leaves. it's fun to play with, and it's eco-friendly!

Frozen Star Painting:

we begin by freezing washable metallic paint in star-shaped ice cube trays. when it's time for your party, we'll cover an entire table with black paper. each guest will get a frozen metallic paint star. it starts out drawing like a crayon, but the heat of their hands will melt the paint and turn it into a stellar finger painting event! the vibrant metallic colors show up extra bright on the dark black paper.

Galaxy Putty Bar:

we want you in on the craze and we want you to personalize it! we'll serve up everything you need to create your own unique galaxy putty with our DIY putty bar. guests will get to choose their colors, mix-ins, and other special items (glitter, sand, jewels, and glow-in-the-dark eyes are just some of the options), stir it all together, and play! when selecting this option, you'll automatically get a decorating-station for guests to design their own containers for their putty, as well as the birthday book keepsake!

$75 to upgrade


goop is a unique substance we make right here in our studio. goop is a blend of glue, liquid starch, and brightly colored food dye. it's so exciting to play with! you can rip it, roll it, stretch it, break it, bounce it, and let it all gel back together when you're done. it's even cold to the touch, because we store it in the fridge. goop is a fun filled, full sensory experience!

Homemade Play Dough:

our play dough is made right here in our studio from food ingredients. we add vibrant color and glitter to our party play dough and pack it into mini airtight containers to keep it fresh. the play dough station is always surprising, because we like to give kids different toys to play with at every party. we offer tools like pizza wheels, hammers, buttons, seashells, or gems to allow each child to get creative with their play dough.

Imagination Station:

the imagination station is the perfect spot to allow imaginations to run wild! party guests will be provided with a wide array of plastic animals and wooden architectural blocks. they'll have a blast creating stories for their animals to live out. they can build whole worlds for their creatures to adventure in.

Jigsaw Puzzles:

each child will have the opportunity to complete and take home their own jigsaw puzzle. each puzzle is about 7 x 4 inches, 28 pieces, white, and pre-cut. markers in every color will be provided, and the children can draw anything they desire. when it's all finished, the children can take it apart and put it back together. they'll each get a ziplock bag, so they don't lose any pieces.

Kinetic Sand:

this wild substance behaves like wet sand, but it's not wet at all! we pile our kinetic sand in a large stand-up sensory table, and provide tools so your party guests can make sand castles or form whatever sand sculptures their minds can think of!

Magic Tape Painting:

each guest at your child's party will be provided with a piece of canvas board, a roll of masking tape, and a variety of paint colors. guests are encouraged to tape off areas of their canvas before painting. their paintings could be purely abstract, representational, or be filled with designs. before they leave, they'll be able to remove the tape and see the awesome stripes of white blocked off by the tape!

Model Magic:

model magic is a crayola product that is totally moldable. we provide guests with model magic in primary colors. children have a blast kneading and molding the dough. imaginations will run wild as they create finger puppets that can even double as a pencil topper! model magic will air harden while guests finish playing and enjoy refreshments, and then they'll take their creations home.

Picture Frames:

guests at your child's party will have the opportunity to collage a wooden picture frame, perfect for a 3" x 3" image. we'll provide the kids with tiny glue bottles filled with washable white glue and collage material, such as colorful buttons, pom poms, and beads. at the end of the party, guests will take their personalized project home in a mess-free box!

Piggy Banks:

each guest will receive their own pre-fired ceramic pig. they'll have a variety of paint pens to choose from. we'll encourage every child to give their new piggy friend some personality. is their pig a dancer? does she wear a tutu or ballet shoes? is their pig a pirate? does he have a pirate patch? or is their pig an artist pig with lots of designs and shapes all over? their imaginations will soar as they use all different colors to bring their pig to life.

Puppy Dogs:

each guest will get to start with a plain white cotton stuffed puppy dog. children will have access to an array of bright liquid watercolors and brushes to paint him with. since the paint is fluid, the colors will blend together to give each dog a unique tie-dyed appearance.


quicksand is a funky blend of cornstarch, water, food dye, dish soap, and sand. when mixed together, its consistency is solid upon first touch and quickly turns into a wet, sandy, slimy substance. party guests will be intrigued by this unusual texture. we offer our colorful quicksand on messy trays, along with plastic animals, sticks for scooping and stirring, and cups for pouring. when everyone is done playing, cleanup is a breeze, as this stuff washes away in seconds under running water. you won't be disappointed!

Scratch Art:

scratch art is an amazing black and rainbow product. the rainbow paper contains a special black coating that can be scraped away to create fabulous designs. each guest can make and take home their own scratch art project. whether the children create simple pictures or elaborate designs, these art projects are sure to enchant both kids and grown ups alike.

Selfie Holders:

swap out selfies with ease! no more messing around with picture frame backings. you can display a new photo each day with the built in wire! kids will have a variety of liquid watercolors to work with to create a one-of-a-kind tie-dyed cube. these wood block selfie holders are sure to be an instaclassic!

Shaving Cream:

we squirt mountains of pure white shaving cream into little cups and top it all off with vibrant liquid watercolor. party guests can squish it, stir it with sticks, dump it out onto our colorful messy trays and put it back in the cup. sometimes, we'll even play on messy mirrors! we adorn the table with plastic animals, gems, or foam letters for added fun. why not hide your animal? or give it a party hat? the possibilities are endless with our awesome shaving cream!

Snack Bags:

these canvas snack bags are the perfect way for kids to, well, carry their snacks or lunch! each bag features colorful handles, and will have a unique tie-dyed effect once your guests start creating. children can paint both sides, or just stick to one. they can fill the entire canvas or leave some space white. the possibilities are endless!

Squishy Ball Box:

our squishy ball box is incredibly comfortable...we promise! kids can have a blast sorting through the variety of squishy balls. there are all different colors, sizes, and animals to collect and play with. kids can line them up, collect them in buckets, or hide their feet under them. they're so much fun to play with!

Tech Pouches:

keep all those chargers, headphones, and usb sticks organized in one safe, stylish place! our canvas pouches are white and feature a secure zipper top. it's up to your guests to make the bags special! liquid watercolors are the perfect medium to paint them with, since the canvas really soaks up the pigment. each pouch will eventually have a unique tie-dyed effect.

Treasure Boxes:

perfect for pirate treasure or princess jewels! these boxes will keep all your coveted items safe! party guests will design their box with sharpie designs before covering the rest of the box with colorful liquid watercolor paint. it dries super quick, so guests won't ruin their designs when they take it home!

Wacky Painting:

our wacky painting station is unique, because we choose to paint with interesting things, like potato mashers, wire whisks, cars, and legos. we'll put out lots of objects and a variety of paint colors for your guests to explore and play with. eventually, this station becomes fun finger painting, and that's perfectly okay with us! let your kids high-five the paper to see their amazing, colored hand prints!

Wiki Sticks:

these super pliable, extra colorful sticks are the perfect material for creating amazing designs on pens! guests will enjoy a variety of brightly colored wiki sticks to assemble their design on a pen and take home a one-of-a-kind design!

Wooden Cars:

these functional wooden cars are a great toy and an even better take-home art project! guests will paint their wooden cars with watercolor paint. the thirsty wood makes for a quick dry time so guests can take home a mess-free car at the end of the party!

Apple Juice Boxes:

juice boxes are sold by the pack and will be available the day of your party. you may take home whatever you don't use.

$3 / pack of 4 (each juice box is 4.23 oz)

Pizza / Bagels:

cater your party through us! we take care of ordering your food from Godfather Pizza, Ike's Bagel Cafe, or Livingston Bagel. this is a service we provide to you. you pay the same price that you would if you ordered directly through the food vendors!

final charge depends upon your order

Latex Balloons:

we offer helium filled: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white, and silver latex balloons, decoratively arranged in bouquets and anchored to weights.

$17 per dozen latex balloons (weights included)

Mini Water Bottles:

water bottles are sold by the case and will be available the day of your party. you may take home whatever you don't use.

$10/ case of 24 (each bottle is 8 oz)

Mylar Balloons:

we offer round "happy birthday" mylar balloons.

$4 each

Paper Goods:

our paper goods are available in our diamond package! they consist of orange tablecloths, festive purple entree and dessert plates, and matching napkins. adult paper goods are solid white. utensils are provided as well. cups are not included, as we require individually packaged beverages for the children.

part of our diamond package