Class FAQ’s

Research has shown that children learn best through play and exploring their environment.  Our program is built around that philosophy, with projects that are open-ended and encourage children to learn through the journey of art. At The Messy Artist, children are their own decision makers about their creations. This philosophy builds self-esteem and creative learners.  Throughout their journey here, children learn new skills, art techniques, and use a variety of art mediums. Join us and see for yourself what makes us special!

Our core philosophy stays the same throughout the ages although our program does grows and change with your children! Classes become more structured as kids get older. Starting in our classes for 2 1/2 year olds, we do a project together as a group where the teacher does a brief lesson. The lessons become more involved as kids get older.  For students in Kindergarten – 5th grade we offer instruction and guidance in age appropriate projects. Expanded learning of color theory, composition, and perspective are incorporated into our projects. Concepts such as realism, abstract, and surrealism and many more are explored.

Enhance your child’s experience in class by remembering to play, play, and play.  Young children learn best through play & imitation.  Your active participation is key to your children learning, growing and in all aspects of development.  Your children look to you as role models.  If you are having fun painting & creating then your children will too.  Some socialization among adults is fine and part of the fun for all.  However, your children need your guidance.  The more you put into your class the more your children will get out of it.

Yes,  you will receive an email confirmation before the start of class.  In addition, if you did not get into your first choice class you will get a phone call.

No,  however, you will get a phone call if you did not get in.

Yes, you are entitled to unlimited make-ups per your ten week session.  We ask that you sign up for your make-up class within two weeks of your missed class so we don’t get overbooked at the end of the session. Please sign up for your make-up online.

Yes, however, you will need to sign up your child in advance.  Please call ahead to see if there is space available.  There is a $20 fee for participating siblings.

Yes, non-participating siblings are always welcome at no additional charge.

Yes, you will need to sign up the child in advance.  Please call ahead to see if there is space available.  There is a $20 fee for visitors in class.

Absolutely!  The classroom is a well contained and easy to manage with two children.  The teachers are always available to help as needed.

There is a $20 sibling discount for all four of our sessions. The sibling discount will be applied to the 2nd and 3rd child signed up for any combination of classes among all of our programs. The sibling discount can’t be combined with any other discount offers, and only applies to full session registrations.

The maximum class sizes are 12-14 children and two teachers in each class.

We warmly welcome all children with special needs into all of our classes.  It always helps when a parent shares information about their child so that we can make appropriate accommodations. For our drop – off classes, we will need additional staff to be able to appropriately care for and teach your child. Therefore, there  will be an additional fee to cover the additional staff. The fee will be determined based on how long the class is.

In the event that The Messy Artist must close due to unforeseen circumstances, a message will be posted on our homepage by 8am. You will be entitled to an additional make-up class that can be used during the current session or during our drop-in and play days.

Please register online for a make-up class. Our website is now mobile, so you can even register on the go.

Party FAQ’s

The activity choices we provide are all tried and true and we know are successful for a wide variety of children’s interests and attention spans. In addition, all of our activities promote the creative process of learning, where there is no precise way to complete the project which is the basis of our philosophy. To that end, we do not do themes.

The open ended nature of our activities is perfect for wide age ranges.

You will only be charged for the children who participate on the day of your party and you will not be charged for no-shows.

No, we find that the timing of our parties is just perfect!

Yes, we plan for that.

Yes, but we ask that all food stay in the party room.

Yes, you can come 20 minutes prior to the start of your party. With our Gold and Diamond Packages, there is no need to arrive early. Just show up at the start of your party and enjoy!

Yes, we have a different list of activities for each age group.

We are responsible for handling food orders. Let us know what you’d like, and we’ll place your order. This is a service that we provide to you – you pay the same price that you would if you ordered directly through the food vendors.