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Class FAQs

At The Messy Artist, we’re not just creating art or making a mess. We use both as a vehicle to teach and empower children. Whether your young one is in a Creative Kiddos class, exercising his fine motor skills by cutting paper to make a great collage, or your older one is in a Studio 356 class deciding how to paint something that will make a viewer happy, your child is learning the entire time.
Our Messy Artist programs are built around the philosophy that children learn best through play. This stems from research done by great educators like Maria Montessori, and more currently, Yale professor Erika Christakis. Our open-ended projects and activities encourage children to make their own decisions about their creations, which builds self-esteem and problem solving skills.
Our Studio 356 program teaches technical fine art skills, as well as the psychology and philosophy to making effective art. All classes in this program are taught by artists with diverse backgrounds. Classes in this program aim to make students more technically proficient in their medium, build creativity and knowledge, and expose them to art history.

Classes become more structured as children get older. Starting in our Little Learners classes, students gather together for a brief, teacher directed project. In our Creative Kiddos classes the project is longer, and the lesson is more challenging. For students in our Studio 356 program, we offer instruction and guidance as students create works of fine art.

Enhance your child’s experience in class by remembering to play alongside them. Young children learn best through imitation. So, if you are actively participating, they will too. The more you put into your class the more your children will get out of it.

Please see our Confirmation Policy.

Yes. Make-ups need to be scheduled and completed within the session you are enrolled for.

Yes, space permitting. Please check online for availability and to sign them up. There is a $25 fee for participating siblings.

Yes, babes-in-arms are always welcome at no additional charge.

Yes, space permitting. Please check online for availability and to sign them up. There is a $25 fee for one-time-visitors of an enrolled family.

Absolutely! The classroom is well contained and easy to manage with two children.  The teachers are always available to help as needed.

Yes, there is a $20 sibling discount. The sibling discount will be applied to the 2nd and 3rd child signed up for any combination of classes in that session. Discounts only apply to full session registrations.

The maximum class sizes are 12-14 children with two teachers in each class.

We warmly welcome children with special needs to attend our classes. Please let us know if your child has special needs so that we can make appropriate accommodations. For our drop – off classes, we will require additional staff to be able to appropriately care for and teach your child, which comes at an additional fee.

We will call or email you if we have to make last minute cancellations. We also post it to the website and change our voicemail. You can refer to any of those options to find out more information. Please make sure your email and phone number are up to date in our system so you can be properly notified.

Party FAQs

We do not do themed activities in the art room, however, you may purchase tableware for the party room to reflect your theme.

All of our party activities are open ended in nature to accommodate for the wide age ranges that may attend the party. All guests will be able to have fun with the activities at their level.

We staff our parties according to how many kids are expected to come. We recommend you try to invite no more than 30 children.  If you choose to invite more than 30 children and may be expecting more than 30 kids, we have the right to charge a surcharge (at our discretion) for an extra staff member, extra stations, supplies and/or food in order to ensure your party will run efficiently. If 31 or more kids show up on the day of your party without notifying us you will be charged a surcharge of $125. No exceptions. 

In the event of inclement weather, the director reserves the right to cancel parties for all or any portion of the day. For 9:30 parties, decisions are made by 6:30AM; for 12:00 parties, decisions are made by 9:00AM; for 2:00 parties, decisions are made by 11AM; and for 4:30 parties decisions are made by 1:30PM. You will be allowed to reschedule your party for another time depending on the availability.

No, you are not charged for no-shows.

If your party is the last party of the day, you can request your time to be extended.

Yes, but all refreshments must stay in the food room.

You may arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your party.

Yes, we have a different list of activities for each age group, and you can always select a different combination of options to make the party different.

We do not provide food on-site, but we work with amazing food vendors that you can order your food from. We are responsible for handling food orders that need to be delivered. You will be charged menu prices unless you choose our kid’s food package option. You can also order additional food for adults if you’d like.

Alternatively, you may bring food in your own food. However, you CANNOT have your  food delivered to our facility. Your food should come in with you when you walk in for your party. Please be mindful that there is 35 minutes for food and dessert. We recommend you limit the food you bring in and that it is easy to eat and fast to clean up.

Depending on the party package you choose, the structure of the party format may be different. Guests are free to move from station to station and spend as much time as they wish at each one. Stations include a make-and-take project as well as activities to participate in while they are here. While we encourage every guest to try every station, we prefer each child to experience the party in their own unique way.

At least one make-and-take project station is available at every party. Children who participate in those activities get to take their projects home.

We do not provide party favors, but if you choose to have them you may pass them out at the end of your party.

No, tip is not included in your invoice. If you are pleased with the service you receive, please tip staff directly.

We do not charge for adults or children under age 1 (unless they are actively participating and creating their own projects).

We generally begin booking 2 months in advance. We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to host your party.