Classes for 5 years – 8th Grade

5yrs up


Storybook Art [drop – off]DSCN7972

k – 1st grade

Fee: $245 for 10 weeks

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This stimulating class takes kids on an artistic journey through the wonderful world of literature.  Each week we will read a story together, paying special attention to the illustrations.  The children will then create art inspired by the plot and/or illustrations. Children learn new art techniques and discover how stories can provide inspiration for art. New stories are explored each session. Beginner reading and comprehension skills are conveyed as part of the fun!

Fine Art ClassArt Foundations 101

1st – 8th grade

Fee: $245 for 10 weeks

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Students will explore a wide assortment of materials, including acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, clay, pastels and more.  Instructors will discuss color theory, perspective, horizon line, and the use of patterns in art, then lead the budding artists in challenging projects such as still life drawing, self-portraits, and a variety of abstract and sculptural work.


3rd – 5th grade

$245 for 10 weeks

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Students will have the opportunity to learn about a classic favorite in this amazing Cartooning Class. The instructors will assist students in creating their own characters and place emphasis on learning facial expressions, gesture, and movement. In addition to learning about the artistic aspects of cartoons, students can also expect to learn about dialogue and storytelling.