Studio 356: Programs for k – 8th grade

Storybook Art

k – 1st grade

This class takes students on a journey through the wonderful world of literature. Each class begins with an engaging storytelling experience, where children will pay special attention to the illustrations and learn how they’re made. The instructor will also discuss the meaning of the story. Students will then create art inspired by the plot and/or illustrations. Each week, the stories serve as vehicles to learn new techniques and explore different art materials. Children will discover how stories can provide inspiration for art, and beginner reading and comprehension skills are learned along the way.

Art Foundations

1st – 2nd grade

Students can expect to work in both two dimensions and three dimensions throughout the course. We’ll complete a projects using a variety of media to build the skills and techniques necessary for creating art. Students will create anywhere from 9 – 12 pieces during this course. We gladly welcome all skill levels in this class.

Drawing and Painting

2nd – 5th grade

This class covers two-dimensional works, including drawing, painting, and collaging. Students can expect to explore different media for creating two-dimensional art, as well as various techniques specific to that material. 2D design elements will also be discussed and implemented in their works. Students will create 12 – 16 projects during the course. We gladly welcome all skill levels in this class.


6th – 8th grade

The entire course will lead up to the creation of unique cartoon characters. The instructor will teach figure drawing and shading, and review concepts like proportion and line. Students will then employ these techniques to create their very own cartoon characters. We gladly welcome all skill levels in this class.

Canvas Masterpieces

3rd – 5th grade

This class is perfect for those who really love to paint! Students will follow along with the instructor, as they guide young artists in creating fabulous painted works of art. Creations will include acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and watercolor creations on artist quality watercolor paper. Throughout the course, students will create 8 – 12 paintings and learn painting techniques along the way. All skill levels are welcome.

The Art of Science

3rd – 5th grade

STEAM education is becoming the standard, and Studio 356 @TMA plans to be at the forefront of this movement. Students will learn the science of growing crystals, the history of the cosmos, and how the eye perceives color, all while creating amazing art, and experimenting with substances. Join us for this exciting new class!