Birthday Parties @ TMA


As the guests of honor, you get to select the activities that your child and their friends will enjoy at the party. For ages 2 – 5, you’ll have 4 stations at your party. For ages 6 – 10, you’ll have 3 stations. You will have the opportunity to select the activities that will be at your party from a list that we provide for you. All activities that we have are developmentally age appropriate and are open ended enough that even younger or older siblings will enjoy and accomplish them with great success! 

Parties for ages 2-10 are 1.5 hours long consisting of 55 minutes for art and 35 minutes for food. We can accommodate up to 30 children.

During the art portion of your party, children will cycle through the stations at their own pace. They may choose to only get to two stations, or they might get to all of them twice! While we greatly encourage each child to get to every station, especially the make-and-take station, we prefer that everyone experience the party in their own unique way.

Your pricing is determined by the level of service you choose during the food portion of your party. Regardless of your choice, you will have our experienced and friendly staff members facilitating the art activities at your party.

Messy Artist parties include all art supplies, smocks, and a colorful, custom electronic invitation. We create the graphic and email it to you. You upload to, enter your guests’ emails, send it off, and get the RSVPs. We are eco-friendly, and therefore, paper invitations are not available at this time.

All selections will be made prior to your party date through our online forms. 

Please let us know if you expect that there will be children with special needs at your party. We strive to accommodate every child to the best of our ability, and having this information in advance will help us run the party more smoothly, and ensure that your guests are taken care of. 

Parties are offered:

Fridays:         6:30 – 8:00

Saturdays:    10:45 – 12:15           1:30 – 3:00           4:00 – 5:30            6:30 – 8:00

Sundays:       10:45 – 12:15           1:30 – 3:00           4:00 – 5:30

Depending upon our class schedule, we may be able to offer you additional times during the week.

No time to call? 3AM and you want to get the ball rolling on your party? Additional questions? No problem! Just use the link below to send us some email! We’ll give you a call or send you an email within 24 hours, at a time you specify.