“Yes, my girls love the Messy Artist! But, it was also so wonderful that, while working with them, Steve and I learned how to respect our children as artists. That has been great for our family.”

– Maria Seigenthaler-Roses, Maplewood

“The party was fabulous! Kids of all ages had a great time. It’s the first time I had a party that I felt relaxed at. The staff took care of everything.”

– Jessica Perkel, Morristown

“The party was fabulous! Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for throwing my twins a great day!”

– Dorian Tave

“Great staff, great facilities!!! Never seen a party before where all kids were involved and had smiles on their faces throughout the whole time! 🙂 Thank you “messy artist”!”

– Satisfied Party Mom

“I had a great time in art class, today. I don’t remember the last time I painted something that wasn’t meant to be a decoration (either on our wall or as a gift), but is instead about telling a story or reflecting a feeling. If you’re a local, you should seriously consider checking out The Messy Artist’s classes — they’ve got loads of classes for kids, Sarah asks to take classes there every single session because she loves them so much, and now they’re offering Foundations in Art for grownups. The teacher, Viviana, is entirely awesome — she’ll give you really detailed, straightforward advice on how to make your art look the way you want it to, but if you’re some weird hippie and you tell her you want a color that feels like a Long Island beach in winter, she will totally work with that, too. :)”

– Elizabeth McCarthy

“My oldest son who is 9 years old tried out the Messy Artist class for 3rd – 5th grade children. As a primary educator, I am always worried that art programs will stifle, or limit my child’s creativity. This was not the case with Messy Artist at all!!! The program is geared for creativity. The management of the kids is amazing. Every child was engaged because of the positive, accepting atmosphere that has been created there. All children were complimented on their choices. Every project was different. They were completely done by the child. This was so refreshing and wonderful!! My son can’t wait to go back. I applaud the Messy Artist staff for their wonderful, developmentally appropriate approach to teaching children how to create, be creative and just have fun with art!”

– Margaret Krupa

“Viviana can explain things to me in a way that I can understand how to draw and make it look real.”

– Hilary B.

“We had a great time this morning ! Michael’s party was so much fun! Amy and Viviana are excellent, you have 2 great employees that represent your business very well. They were enthusiastic and patient with all the kids. Everyone loved your place! Thank you!”

– Veronica Place

“We absolutely loved The Messy Artist! It was something that was so different and unlike any party we have ever attended. All our guests had a great time and we even had a guest of ours book a party for their daughter’s birthday as well! Overall, this is a great place to have your child’s birthday party!”

– Satisfied Party Mom

“We had a wonderful party at The Messy Artist for our 3 year old. The staff was very attentive, organized and involved with all aspects of the party. All the children were engaged and had a lot of fun at the different stations. All of the parents commented on how fantastic our party was. It was 100% because of what The Messy Artist has to offer. Thank you for giving Lily a wonderful day and a memorable 3rd birthday party!!!”

– Beth Dranoff

“The Messy Artist hosted a fantastic and really fun party!! It was great for mixed ages from 1yr old to age 10 – from the paper sensory box ( a huge hit!) to a custom bday book and the fun craft in which they were able to take home. The studio, being so bright and decorative, truly adds to the fun of the party!! The staff was amazing, attentive and active with the kids. Organizing the party was easy and stress free. Thank you sooo much- Reese had a very special 2nd birthday!!!”

– Suzanne L.

“My 2 1/2 year old was commenting about the texture of his puzzle pieces after learning about textures at The Messy Artist.”

– Alyson Dorchak, Roseland

“Audrey had a very special birthday party at your place! All of the kids (and parents) LOVED it.. The staff was wonderful and we really appreciated how much work they put into the party so we would not have to worry about a thing. Thank you so very much for making it a lovely day!”

– Rebekah Zimmerman

“Thank you so much for the fantastic and unique birthday party. The staff went above and beyond to make sure that each child was engaged and having fun. They really made sure everything went smoothly so that we could enjoy the party. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and attentiveness to all of our guests. Thank you!”

– Amy Jernigan, Morristown

“A warm thanks to you and your staff for a terrific party!! I was so impressed by how well it was run, from pre-party through clean-up! Jessica and her team were wonderful. I knew they’d be there to help but I didn’t realize they’d be so engaging and interactive with the kids. The whole experience was smooth, calm, and pleasant. I will most definitely recommend this as a party place to friends!”

– Jessica and Steve May, South Orange

“My daughter’s 3rd birthday was absolutely perfect. The studio was clean, and the staff was excellent. The staff did such a great job from setup to clean up. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The kids had such a great time, and my daughter was so happy. I would recommend messy artist to any family looking to have a great time.”

– Erica Zuckerman, Springfield

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great party yesterday! The staff was fantastic… they really engaged the kids and made sure they were all having fun. I especially appreciated that they called them all by their names and encouraged them to get involved with the art. Amelia and her friends had a great time.”

– Becky Lorig, NJ

“Thank you and your awesome staff for Alexa’s Party. The kids had so much fun and could barely stop playing to have dinner. Your staff made it so easy, and coming from a girl who can never enjoy her party because she is stressed, I actually was able to have fun and hang with my friends. You will be seeing us a lot this winter!”

– Erica Paris, Roseland

“I just wanted to thank you guys so much for everything with masons party, it was absolutely amazing! We have been to so many parties and this was by far the best party we have had. Anthony was absolutely wonderful along with the rest of the staff. The kids all had so much fun. I can’t tell you the amount of people that have called me tonight to tell me how great the party was. I truly appreciate all the questions you’ve answered and everything you did for me. It was just great!”

– Allison Weisselberg, Livingston

“I just wanted to say thank you for hosting a wonderful party!!! ALL the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!! I wish there was a facility like yours closer to my home in Ridgewood.”

– Michelle A., Ridgewood

“I just had to write to let you know that we were thrilled with Keira’s birthday party this past Sunday! What a wonderful job you all did ~ everything was beautifully presented and the staff was incredibly helpful and courteous (and fun to work with!). It’s been such a pleasure to interact with all of you, from the original party planning stage to the final clean-up following the festivities. Thank you all so much for making Keira’s 6th birthday party such a special occasion ~ we really appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf! : )”

– Eileen Houlihan, NJ

“Just wanted to reach out to say thanks! My son, Ryan, came out of school today so excited about his crazy world project – he said it was his favorite thing he’s ever made 🙂 He’s not usually so into making art projects, so I was thrilled to see him so excited and proud of his work. Sounds like a fantastic class!”

– H. Macklin, JCC parent

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for providing such a wonderful experience to Emma and her friends. All of the parents were impressed by the young women who tended to the girls and were thrilled with the activities themselves. Again, I wanted to extend to my appreciation and gratitude for helping to create wonderful memories for us. Here are some pictures from the party. It is clear Emma and her friends were having fun.”

– Roz Estrada, Morristown

“Just now [my son] Aiden, who is 2.5 years old, was walking upstairs with my husband. He says (word for word) ‘Daddy, we are upstairs and that is high. We go downstairs and that is low.” So my husband told him that was right and asked him where he learned it. Aiden replies, “Ms. Fran teached me with the paint brushes.’ I know the moment he was remembering, as I saw them talking and painting “high” and “low” on the easel. It makes me so happy to see and hear how Aiden is growing and learning. For him to remember that, in detail, and carry the concept to a completely different setting, shows me what an impression your staff leaves on him! Thank you for such a great place!!!”

– Nicole Sudol

“Thank you for the wonderful party for our son on Sunday afternoon. The party was a success – the kids had a great time (the confetti box was a particular hit), the parents enjoyed it, and I was able to enjoy it, as well, thanks to the professionalism, helpfulness and kindness of your fantastic staff that day (Amy, Vanessa and Francesca). Several parents left saying their kids were already asking to have their next party there. I want you to know how much I appreciate the kindness and patience you and Fran showed during the planning, and that the execution on The Messy Artist’s end was seamless. I also want to acknowledge Laura, who was a pleasure to work with on the favors, and who went above and beyond to help when I realized I was missing one.”

– Jody R., Millburn