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What is a Flex Pass?

Do you have a busy schedule and it’s hard for you to commit to an entire session of classes?
No Problem! We now offer a flex pass (which is a pack of 5 classes) that allow you flexibility to come in for classes whenever you want within a 3 month period.

How it Works:

  • TMA Flex Pass for 18 months – 6 year-olds.
  • View the calendar above, which indicates Flex Pass-eligible classes.
  • Complete checkout for your Flex Pass, which entitles you to attend 5 classes from the calendar above.
  • On your first day of class, you’ll receive a “Pass,” which must be stamped by our staff each time you attend a class.
  • Attend any 4 additional classes available in the calendar above.
  • You can call or email us any time to let us know when you would like to come in for a class. You can sign up as late as the night before. This allows our staff enough time to properly prepare for class assignments and activities.
  • Your Flex Pass expires 3 months after you purchase your pass (This date will be indicated on your “Pass”).