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Artist Party


 At our NEW Artist Party, every child will get to create a masterpiece…after all, who better than us to put the ‘ART’ in PARTY?!

Your child will have fun in full color with their friends, in our inspiring maker studio, as we work with your to design the perfect, age-appropriate craft.

Artist Parties will run for 90 minutes.
55 minutes of activities and projects and then your festivities will continue in our secondary party room for 35 minutes, where cake will be served.

Artist Partier’s will select one option from this list as their “make & take”:

  • Canvas Letter Art
  • Smock Decorating
  • Color-Burst Canvas
  • Decorating Ceramic Piggy Banks

You can choose an additional 2 stations of:

  • galaxy slime
  • model magic
  • birthday booklet keepsake
  • puzzles
  • key chains

& more…

Party package pricing start at $475
Recommended for children 7 & up.

For more details on this party option please call 973.378.2425 OR complete the form below and one of our Party Managers will contact you shortly.