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Canvas Painting Party


Animals, Characters, Desserts, Abstract Ideas, Scenic Landscapes… if you’ve got a kiddo who loves painting, this is the Birthday party for you.

Party-throwers will decide on a Canvas theme and Party-goers will each paint an age-appropriate, ready-to-take-home masterpiece.

Canvas themes include but are not limited to…

  • Animal portraits
  • Dessert still lifes
  • Movie themes
  • Sports/Activities

Your child’s 90-minute Canvas Painting Party will feature 55 minutes of guided canvas painting, followed by 35 minutes of food/celebration time.

Canvas Painting party packages start at $475
Recommended for children 7 & up

For more details on this party option please call 973.378.2425 OR complete the form below and one of our Party Managers will contact you shortly.